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PSI Founder, Bunny, adopted a hobby of carpentry in his early retirement and quickly discovered a newfound love in woodwork. With years of experience in property and renovation projects, he realised that by having a hands-on approach in woodwork stuff, he could provide far more control over the quality of the end product and fill a gap in the industry!



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Custom Projects

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Workshop Access

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Product Line

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PSI is also known for the in-depth and comprehensive training that it offers to all aspiring craftsmen. If you are a homeowner, our training will have you doing all your home improvements or DIY projects in no time at all. PSI will be with you every step of the way, showing you the correct way to craft your items and helping you fix the good stuff. For those of you who wish to advance further in the industry, you can be assured that you will walk out as a highly skilled carpenter and cabinet maker, having gained industry knowledge that will serve you, and the firms you work for, for a lifetime of woodworking stuff.

Custom Projects

PSI specialises in producing large furniture orders and we would love to assist you with all the stuff for your next big furniture project. From hotels to schools, we offer custom woodwork. If you require built-in furnishings and cabinetry, all fitting perfectly into your space, or a bulk order of tables and chairs for a conference room, we are your perfect choice. No matter if we are working with a machine or hand finishing all your bulk pieces, know that our attention to detail and stuff remains unchanged.

Product Line

Part of the service we offer is the actual design of the stuff itself, as we know what works, and what does not. Depending on the room shape and size, and how the piece will flow with it, you can be assured that the advice you get will be exactly the stuff dreams are made of.

Product Line

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