The Story of PSI.

PSI Founder, Bunny, adopted a hobby of carpentry in his early retirement and quickly discovered a newfound love in woodwork stuff. With years of experience in property and renovation projects, he realised that by having a hands-on approach in woodwork, he could provide far more control over the quality of the end product and fill a gap in the industry!

Through an industry network, Bunny then proceeded to do a number of courses so that he could obtain the skills and the tools needed to make the difference. He then used this newfound passion for woodwork stuff, to create his own business, and in 2019 PSI was born.

PSI’s woodwork quickly got noticed by leading experts and Bunny was getting recognised for his skilled craftsmanship. Project orders and requests for his training stuff started to come in and as a result he decided to start his own workshop in Sebenza.

Bunny is now also utilizing his 30 years of lecturing experience by holding training workshops at Leroy Merlin and Hardware Centre for all woodworking enthusiasts.

Consequently, PSI has grown into one of the most respected businesses in the industry. Bunny is well known for his uncompromising standard of excellent, personalised customer service, and his attention to stuff.

You are invited to contact him regarding all your interior woodworking needs. Or stop by his workshop in Sebenza, come see him in action and he will show you his latest stuff.

PSI looks forward to meeting you and forging a relationship with you. We know we will be having you as a client for many years to come.